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   Monetary Claims

Monetary Claims

Assimilating the information not known at the time, or had yet to occur by the time of the original filing, Mr. Young had sought to modify his original $10 million claim in 2004 to $250 million in 2007 (including treble damages). 

Since that time, the damages, pain and suffering have transmogrified, and have become chronic and unbearable, as Morgan Stanley seeks a coup de grace to silence Mr. Young once and for all.  As a result, Mr. Young will seek a Federal claim in the amount of $210 million, plus specifically punitive treble damages that would fund the establishment of an important charitable foundation, which is further described under the tab “Foundation", thereby bringing the aggregate claim to $630 million, derived as follows:

Substantially Greater Profits Realized From The IQ® Brand 

From information received thus far, the profitability, and therefore the shareholder intrinsic value of the IQ® brand Mr. Young created and trademarked is closer to $500 million, or twice the amount implicit in the original claim.  Moreover, substantial value has been realized as a result of other fixed income business derived from the new clients this brand has brought in.  (NASD Claim amount = $17.8 million)

 Lost Income Resulting From Tortious Interference

As a result of Morgan Stanley's tortious interference with Mr. Young's countless attempts in seeking gainful employment at other financial institutions, and the launch of Project Atlas, utilizing comparable compensation levels paid to other managing directors in the Securitized Products Group, and the lost opportunity income from Project Atlas.  (NASD Claim amount = $31.7 million)

Destruction of Career, Marriage, Family, Lives & Livelihood, Causing Significant Pain & Suffering

As described throughout this and other affiliated websites, Mr. Young and his extended family have been unjustifiably subjected to chronic pain and suffering, resulting directly from Morgan Stanley's invidious activities, which is further punctuated by the points that follow.

Admission & ThreatAs Mr. Young wrote in an email to then lead counsel, Jeff Liddle on Nov. 8, 2004, Tony Tufariello (Head of Morgan Stanley's Securitized Products Group in the Americas, and supervisor to Warren Friend and John Westerfield) admitted to their deliberate disgusting transgressions, where he said “Give it up – go away – you'll never work in this industry again – we'll see to it – we can make it impossible for any [financial services] firm to justify hiring you

Poisoned WellMoreover, a friend of Mr. Young's who at the time was a senior executive (Mary Jo Collins) at Spear Leeds (the Wall Street Specialist firm) sent him an email saying “It sounds as though the powers that be at Morgan Stanley have really poisoned the well for you.“ and “You have put an incredible amount of work and thought into Project Atlas, it is really criminal that they have ruined this for you.”

Malicious ActionsWhen John Mack was rehired as CEO at Morgan Stanley in July 2005, Mr. Young wrote him an email offering his congratulations, and requested a meeting to gain and amicable resolution to this matter, pointing out that he was betrayed by Warren Friend and John Westerfield in a manner similar to how Mr. Mackhe was betrayed by Phil Purcell (former Morgan Stanley CEO).  In his correspondence, Mr. Young pointed out “this ordeal has taken and enormous toll on me and my family”.75  John. J. Mack not only rebuffed Mr. Young's overture, the frequency and ferciousness of the misdeeds were stepped up, with devastating consequences, as noted below.

Foreclosure and Eviction from HomesMorgan Stanley denied Mr. Young a living and then aggressively pursued foreclosure on the home in which he and his wife raised their three collegiate sons.  This foreclosure was done in collaboration with Wachovia Bank (as a HELOC mortgagee) during the time that Mrs Young was convalescing from radical surgery for pancreatic cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  They then sponsored the same end result in North Carolina as detailed at www.TWSYF.com

Tarnished Credit - Morgan Stanley's actions to deny Mr. Young a livelihood has caused a series of financial plights that have effectively destroyed Mr. Young's ability to obtain credit.

Destroyed Marriage & Family - The chronic stress caused by Morgan Stanley's misdeeds resulted in a painful divorce after 24 years of marriage, and has served to rip apart his family, causing estrangement and unimaginable pain

Ruined Career & Reputation -
Morgan Stanley has employed patently vicious means to destroy Mr. Young's career and reputation in New York (as described herein) and in North Carolina, through sabotage of his commercial real estate investments and a fallacious smear campaign, made possible through extensive corruption. 
(Claim amount = $150 million.)

Impact of Commercial Sabotage & Corruption on Real Estate Investment Assets

Covering the estimated loss in net equity value of Mr. Young's commercial real estate investments in North Carolina.  (Claim Amount = $10 million)

    Costs Incurred to Prosecute Civil Claims

(Claim amount = $0.5 million.)

Treble Damages

Spencer C. Young was once proud to be part of the “House of Morgan”, but the nightmare that began on November 20, 2002 has caused him to conclude Morgan Stanley may be one of the most despicable organizations in existence – in fact, if one were to objectively apply the parameters for “degrees of transgression” in the determination of the level of hell to which one was destined (as articulated by Dante Alighieri in his classic, Inferno), and applied it to Morgan Stanley’s instances of treachery and fraud perpetrated against him, you would arrive at the following conclusion:

In some ways, Morgan Stanley is a more contemptible organization . . .

. . . than the violent Al-Qaeda.

Given the reprehensible illegal activities perpetrated by Morgan Stanley (and its accomplice, Kirkland & Ellis), punitive damages are justified and should be vigorously sought.  (Claim Amount = $420.0 million)

Charitable Foundation

Importantly, Mr. Young would like something good to come from these tribulations; therefore, he wishes to direct the Treble Damages to fund the establishment of a charitable foundation, which will equally support activities with the following orientations for the betterment of humanity:

  • Growth:  Supporting initiatives that countermand similar instances of Machiavellian career assassination by heretics of meritocracy, and which foster creativity and reward productive achievement;

  • Preservation:  Support causes dedicated to ameliorating poverty and world hunger, as well as the development of environment-friendly alternative energy sources.

The name chosen for this foundation is Latin for: 'Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail' because Mr. Young believes rational truths embraced by valor creates a powerful elixir for productive achievement, capable of resolving protracted issues, redressing injustices and actualizing worthwhile goals that benefit the populace.

 We make a living by what we get . . .

 . . .But we make a life by what we give.

   Sir Winston Churchill