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An Unlikely Detractor

Final K&E Logo - Nov 11, 2008.jpg The Kirkland & Ellis Connection

In addition to the New York Smear Campaign executed by Morgan Stanley, and the North Carolina Smear Campaign, sponsored by Kirkland & Ellis at the behest of Morgan Stanley, a woman who lives in San Francisco, CA and oddly describes herself as a "notary" and "jazz singer" wrote an extensively detailed and exceptionally well-written blog entry on Spencer C. Young . . . that is of course, if any of it were true.  It included various images, including the reproduction of Impressionist Painter Edvard Munch's "The Scream", which depicts an agonized figure fraught with anxiety, who is contrasted against a blood red sky, suggesting Mr. Young mirrors such a figure, which is also entirely untrue.  

As Mr. Young read the artfully crafted narrative, he was drawn in by its analytically compelling prose, thinking to himself, "boy, this poor pathetic fellow is one very messed up dude . . . hey, wait a minute . . . that's me they're talking about!"  The blogger's name is Cheryl Merrill, who has garnered a well-deserved reputation as a "cyber-stalker" through a long history of well-documented outlandish acts and a blog benignly titled "Cheryl Meril's Candid Blog"; however, upon closer look, the actual name of her blog is more telling about the nature of its content -- to wit, cherylkicksass.blogspot.com"

So why would this middle-aged woman from clear across the other end of the country suddenly take an interest in Mr. Young?  The website pages of his that she refers to were published long before she posted her vitriolic blog entry, and the people she goes after are (or were at one time) local to her in California . . . which is NOT the case with Mr. Young.  Let's see, is it merely coincidental that she is a former employee of Kirkland & Ellis?

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A Ghost Writer Appears

It is revealing to examine the writing style of her blog entry about Spencer C. Young, and compare it with a recent entry she made about a former high school friend, Sheila Rogers, a music producer for the David Letterman Show.  

As compared with the subject blog entry, the dichotomously different writing style in the below excerpt reveals Ms. Merrill clearly did NOT author the blog entry on Mr. Young, and it explains the kind of person she is and how credibly her vitriolic diatribes should be taken --  just read a representative blog entry of hers (below) and judge for yourself:

"I was totally ripped off [by] Sheila Rogers and her family. I have damages in the millions. I really have talent – I’m serious. I was supposed to have been a recording artist jazz singer. I’m only now starting to get with it at 46 recording music in my home studio. These people fucked with my life and trashed me. They wanted me instatutionalized. I haven’t had sex but for once in 20 years. Sheila Rogers fucked up my life for years and is a cruel cold hearted bitch I couldn’t even get a kiss out of. She gets nominated for Emmy’s now as part of Letterman’s music production team. Give me a break!

San Francisco, California

cyberbitchstalks.jpg A CyberStalker Extraordinaire

Lastly, let's evaluate another related blog website, however this one has taken an interest in Ms. Merrill, and it has a long and very descriptive title . . .

"CHERYL MERRILL'S MASQUERADE: Who is Cheryl Merrill (aka Cheryl Meril?) Cheryl Merrill is a vindictive, misanthropic blogger and cyberstalker from San Francisco who has been issued several Restraining Orders and spent two weeks in jail for her threats and behavior"  and its somewhat shortened URL is www.cherylkicksherownass.blogspot.com.


Reproduced below are some Jan. 2010 entries from this blog:


"[Cheryl Merrill is an] Insane Cyberbitch running amok"

“ . . .if she doesn't have someone to blame and tear down, her world falls apart ”

“ for two %#@!ing years she's been stalking, harassing, defaming [one of her targets] on her blog.”

"Cheryl Merrill currently has two extant Restraining Orders filed against her"

"  . . . she went to JAIL FOR TWO WEEKS because of an alarming, disturbing fax she sent "

"  . . . a roommate filed for (and received) a Restraining Order against Merrill. Merrill assaulted her"

"Merrill is one nasty, threatening bitch."

"Williams-Sonoma filed (and obtained) a Restraining Order against her after she was stalking an employee"

"[Merrill was arrested] for speeding, then evading an Officer. She went to jail for it. So she accuses him of "virtual rape" among other mind-bending, bizarre accusations"

"[Merrill is a] shrieking, claws-out, impossible-to-reason-with She-Devil" 

" [Merrill is an] arrogant, deceitful, litigious, oh-look-I'm-a-poor-victim lying jerk"

"Her Cyber-stalking is carried out from her hate-full blog “cherylkicksass.blogspot.com”

"Merrill started to vandalize (several times) [one of her targets]s Wikipedia page, attempting to denigrate and discredit"

" . . . she will be all over you like a cheap suit. A nasty, hateful, cyberstalking cheap suit."

Concerning the credibility of Cheryl Merrill, enough said; however if so inclined, you can access the blog entries from which the above quotes were gleaned by visiting the blog website itself.


So What Really Happened?

Here is a reenactment of how the initial phone call from Kirkland & Ellis to Cheryl Merrill likely went (which will no doubt be vigorously denied):

AC = Andrew Clubok, a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis
CM = Cheryl Merrill

AC  :   Cheryl, my name is Andy Clubok at Kirkland & Ellis in Washington, DC. I understand when you left our firm, it was not on the best of circumstances.
CM  :  No it wasn't.  Have you read my blog posting about Kirkland & Ellis firing me?
AC  :   Yes I did, and I'd like to make you a proposition that I hope will rectify that situation for you.
CM  :  Yeah, what's the catch?
AC  :   We'd like you to post a blog entry on a fellow who is threatening to bring a class-action lawsuit against our one of our clients.
CM  :  And what do you want the blog to say?
AC  :   Oh, don't worry about having to write it -- we've already done that for you -- you just have to post it on your blog website.
CM  :  Ok, but how much are you willing to pay me?
AC  :   Here's what we had in mind . . . [and terms of an attractive barter arrangement would be explained and agreed upon].