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   How It Began  

How It Began, Its Impact And How It Will End

Spencer C. Young's published article, poems and video productions presented below cover how this all began, what its impact has been, and insight into how it will be resolved.

It is important to remember ALL transgressions revealed at this and affiliated websites were sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis, and perpetuated as a form of cover-up to MorganStanleyGate, including unlawful acts carried out in North Carolina by two other banking institutions, specifically Wells Fargo (through its Wachovia subsidiary) and an upstart with close institutional ties to Wachovia and based in Raleigh NC, Paragon Commercial Bank.  And these banks were assisted by astonishingly unethical attorneys at the law firms of Nelson Mullins and Poyner & Spruill, together with a level of corruption by local public officials (including judicial staff) and others that is downright scary.  Also involved were prominent, and similarly unethical attorneys who represented Mr. Young's interests, but later took payoffs (in the form of bartered favors arranged by Kirkland & Ellis) to take actions contrary his interests such as deliberately fail to prosecute his mounting claims, provide him with pernicious advice, and then abruptly resign at a most compromising point. 


An Autumn Day Like No Other

An Article Written by Spencer C. Young

(Published by Intertel in 2008)

The Day

It’s Wednesday, November 20, 2002 – the alarm clock blares at 4:15 am. No need to hit the snooze button – bounding from bed is effortless.  Despite a “down year” on Wall Street, I’m upbeat – had a career year; my three sons, “Michael” (age 16), and twin 14 year-olds (“Kevin” & “Ryan”) are developing into fine young men; my marriage of 19 years to “Maria” is strong; and I’ve got a large circle of friends.  For past five years, my income has been seven figures, diversified in investment banking earnings, commercial real estate and securities investments.  

Our Long Island residence was featured in HOME magazine, and a frisky black-nosed cotton ball scurries its hallways – “Casey”, our four-legged “daughter” is a bichon-frise…with attitude.  The NBA hoop in the driveway hosts competitive and occasionally blood-producing basketball games, and the backyard touts an oft-used lacrosse goal and backstop-net for errant shots.  My sons have learned to swim, sail, and play tennis at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, and I’m a charter member of the Cornell Club in Manhattan, where I take clients for lunch.  Our vacations are enjoyed at opulent resorts.

Dressing for work, I reflect on my good fortune, for which I am grateful, and realize Thanksgiving is next week – my favorite holiday, where our extended family congregates for a feast, football, and my always evocative Thanksgiving prayer  (“Hey, will this go much longer? – my food’s getting cold”).  This realization triggers a humbling feeling of satisfaction – life is good.  Checking my watch, “the 5:15” is still possible.  En route to train station, the radio-weatherman prognosticates “sunny and beautiful” weather.

Today, we’re launching the third IQ® securitization, firmly establishing an innovative commercial-mortgage-backed-security I had developed and trademarked – intrinsically worth $250 million…so I’m “pumped”.  As Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, I have been promised “a promotion” for this product development, and an “outsized bonus” for the largest ever farm-loan monetization, scoring this year’s largest transaction fee for the Securitized Products Group (“SPG”).  I reflect on what “the number” might be – should be finding out in a few weeks – and the funds will hit my account in January – might be my best ever.

I’m first to arrive on the trading floor, sans FX traders around the corner, allowing me quiet hours to plan the IQ®-4 deal for next quarter, and strategize the initiative I was asked to head up in December – marketing ALL securitized products to middle market banks throughout the U.S.

Deep in thought, a fellow I didn’t recognize, quips with a measured tone of gravitas, “Mr. Young?...Mr. Tufariello would like to see you…immediately”.  Strange, when a speedy “Spence,-Tony-wants-ya” is the norm.  I’m also wondering why the Head of SPG–Americas (i.e., my boss’ boss’ boss) wants to see me.

Tony’s office is dark and unoccupied – curious.  I notice glum faces – surmising a manifestation of downsizing rumors.  I’m concerned for others . . . not me, though – had a “banner” year; promised a promotion and outsized bonus; had a strong client following; asked to head important initiative; and year-end reviews from junior staff (strongly weighted because deemed free of political agenda) were strong – e.g., “an inclusive team player”, and “one of the nicest guys on the trading floor”. 

Introspective self-assurances are interrupted by an asset-backed trader: “Tony’s meeting with those people in conference room J!” An enigmatic locution – for that’s at the other end of the building, and just what does “those people” refer to? A sinking feeling sets in.  Upon arrival, Tony has a contorted ornery expression, sitting next to an expressionless Personnel rep.  I’m stunned as he tersely reports my “position has been discontinued” and that I should “collect my belongings” and be “out of the building in 15 minutes”.  Security thugs resembling NFL linemen escort me.

The Aftermath of “No’s”


This nightmare then transmogrified…and continues – a précis ensues:
⇨ No Bonus – Nothing;
⇨ No Promotion – Shown the door;
⇨ No Discussion – My overtures for an equitable parting are rebuffed
⇨ No Job – Numerous offers revoked with spurious explanations;
⇨ No Marriage – Chronic ensuing stress ends a 24-year marriage;
⇨ No Health  – Shortly after divorce, Maria is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer requiring radical surgery/chemotherapy/radiation;
⇨ No Safety-Net – Maria’s health insurance is lacking;
⇨ No Family – A once close-knit family becomes entirely dysfunctional;
⇨ No Relationships – Father-Son relationships are estranged – my calls are not answered, nor returned;
⇨ No Action – Maria resists selling home, so foreclosure results;
⇨ No Home – Maria and sons now reside in cramped apartment;
⇨ No Dog – Apartment rules forbid;
⇨ No Credit – Foreclosure and Maria’s growing debts from denial of the fiscal realities of this nightmare have destroyed my credit;
⇨ No Refi – Banks reneged on commercial real estate refinancing, the last remaining source of income (well before economic crisis) sending everything into a tailspin;
⇨ No Attorneys – Attorneys failed to prosecute claims against Morgan Stanley, resigning just before hearing, others behaved similarly;
⇨ No Due Process – NASD dismissed claims on eve of hiring replacement counsel, rebuffing reconsideration
⇨ No Policing – Disciplinary Board declined prosecuting obvious malpractice
⇨ No Collections – Attorneys drag feet collecting mounting rent arrears
⇨ No Investigation – FBI and NYC District Attorney are non-responsive
⇨ No Discovery – MS Counsel (Kirkland & Ellis) failed to comply with 91% of the affirmed discovery request
⇨ No Support – I’m prevented from supporting my dependents, causing unimaginable pain and suffering
⇨ No Resources – Commercial real estate investments have been destabilized by  sabotage, depleting resources – one property faces foreclosure;
⇨ No Friends – Reactions to my precipitous fall leads me to realization I seem to have no true friends
⇨ No Respect – Smear campaign featuring over 50 disparaging articles denigrates me
⇨ No Truth – These travails result from fraud, corruption and prevarication
⇨ No Rights – This travesty is a mockery of my constitutional rights …
⇨ No Dignity – …And an assault on my dignity
⇨ No Justice – The justice system and law enforcement have magnanimously failed

The Hope

While heartened by Barack Obama’s election and promise of “Change We Can Believe In”, efforts to overcome this injustice have heretofore been met with “No-You-Can’t!”.  


If these misdeeds are merely investigated, and those in a position to assist, actually do, a powerful force of truth and productive achievement will be unleashed and propagate “the timeless spirit of a people who say – ‘Yes We Can!’ ”… and then the pain may finally ebb.


The Countermand of Valor

A Poem By Spencer C. Young

(Published by Mensa in 2005)



To access this epigrammatic poem, click on the hyper-linked title here: "The Countermand of Valor ". 

The poem represents a cathartic release from the tribulations caused by Morgan Stanley's efforts to prevent his re-emergence in the CMBS industry.  It was inspired by an article appearing in the New York Times encouraging readers to get involved with National Poetry Month, which rolls around each April when publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools and poets around the country band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Also reproduced are the translations by verse,  providing additional context to the matter at hand. 

As the title infers, comment is made on how a populace can often be intimidated (and therefore controlled) by unethical individuals in positions of power, particularly those that control "purse strings" -- i.e., Banks.  For fear of reprisal, the bullying of a populace can discourage individuals from "blowing the whistle" on something they know to be WRONG, or from otherwise supporting a cause to correct it.  And those brave enough to do something about it must be protected from being unlawfully beaten down, marginalized, or otherwise silenced to "sweep" the issue "under the rug" -- which is precisely what this matter is about, and the protection and support that Spencer C. Young is seeking.


(Written by Spencer C. Young in 2010)

A haiku is a type of poetry that originated from Japanese culture.  It follows a specific format of three lines that do not rhyme, with the first line containing five syllables, the second line containing seven syllables and the third line containing five syllables.

The four haikus shown below were written by Spencer C. Young and were influenced in part by an aphorism by Carl Jung, a sanskrit proverb of Zen, and a simple call to arms originated by Winston Churchill and later embraced by Jimmy Valvano.  Importantly, they are germane to MorganStanleyGate, and Mr. Young's resolve to fully expose this scandal and end the resultant nightmare once and for all -- and do so in a manner such that countless others will benefit.

# 1
Once upon a time 
I celebrated living, 
which I now yearn for

[This reflects the sadness of no longer having a family to celebrate life with because it has been decimated by the malicious acts of others -- and very much wanting to get this back]

# 2
Savor yesterday,
know your dreams for tomorrow
but enjoy today

[Cast away sadness by: ruminating on the joyful memories of your past; being clear about your plans for a better tomorrow; and celebrating that which is good in your life today.]

# 3
Your dreams can be reached
only through introspection
and focused effort

[To make your dreams come true, you must honestly evaluate your progress, constantly refine your approach, and continue your pursuit with unwavering focus.] 

# 4
Great things come from strife
while darkest before the dawn
just never give up

[Although you may experience overwhelming pain and suffering, and all glimmers of hope appear gone forever, don't you dare quit, because the greatest events and achievements that serve the multitudes are born out of such strife.]


The Realm of Possibility

A Video Montage by Spencer C. Young

(Produced & Published on YouTube in 2009)

Understandably, an objective observer may viscerally conclude the findings contained herein are hard to believe -- for as a socratic thinker, Spencer C. Young has a deep abiding respect such skepticism; however, he also believes in a concept known as "The Realm of Possibility", which was first made popular in the movie "Pay It Forward".   In other words, given the evidence provided here and that which is accessible at other affiliated websites, one should be able to deduce or otherwise logically conclude it is within the realm of possibility that his allegations/indictments are true. 

Moreover, the more one learns about this, the more convincing it all appears -- and a sobering thought should enter your thinking -- namely this may only represent "the tip of the iceberg" to far larger problem, manifested in the form of a broad-based assault on the general public.  Importantly, it is also within the realm of possibility that something meaningful can be done about it. 

To further explain this notion called "The Realm of Possibility" Spencer C. Young produced a 4 minute video to lift spirits, reveal what's possible, and awaken the undiscovered leader that resides in most everyone. It is an eclectic montage of encouragement "to change what you don't like in this world" from Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment in "Pay it Forward", Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Ford and Ted Kennedy -- woven into an inspirational tapestry by Enya's "Dreams Are More Precious".

Loved One's Impacted

The videos presented below are celebrations of some of  Spencer C. Young's loved ones who have been devastated by the effects of MorganStanleyGate, as Mr. Young has been unlawfully denied a livelihood, and therefore prevented from providing for them as he as long been doing.

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