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The Intended

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Those For Whom This Website Was Developed

Given the many elements of MorganStanleyGate, this website was developed for:
    Activists supportive of: civil rights; banking reform; rooting out corruption; and reinstating confidence in US Justice System
  ⇨  Attorneys to prosecute criminal and civil claims against banks, law firms, and municipalities
  ⇨  Business Associates thus impacted, so they will understand "what really happened", and join in seeking restitution
  ⇨  Capital Providers for short term liquidity, working capital, reclamation of real estate, and innovative long term investment
  ⇨  Celebrities willing to lend their support toward one or more of the activist causes
  ⇨  Charitable Organizations endorsed for support at the affiliated websites
  ⇨  Disciplinary Organizations  responsible for self-policing professionals,(such as State Bars) and banks (e.g.,FINRA)
  ⇨  Family & Friends impacted, hoping the revelations will lead to the beginning of a long-overdue healing process;
    Fiduciaries such as the Boards of Directors of banks and Management Committees of those law firms implicated
  ⇨  Film Makers, particularly those with documentary expertise and a penchant to investigatively delve to get to the "Truth"
  ⇨  Former Employees who have been similarly victimized by Morgan Stanley or another financial institution
  ⇨  Law Enforcement responsible for investigation of criminal activities and abuse of rights granted to all U.S. citizens
    News Reporters to break a yet-to-be-told story, and elevate its coverage as a matter of national interest
    Public Relations/Media Consultants who will implement strategies to reverse the effects of the noted smear campaigns
    Regulatory Agencies, particularly those responsible for regulating financial institutions at both the Federal and State level
  ⇨  White Knights, ANYONE with the ability to help, understanding a handout is NOT sought . . . just a helping hand.